Overview of today’s World

Much trouble and destruction has been foretold for the end of this era. Satan being the father of pain and deception will do everything in its power to lure everyone away from peace. The peace and goodwill that was intended for all nations of the earth from the very beginning. If the death of practically everyone upon the earth is not what comes to mind when focusing on the history of Noah you have been deceived. Millions of people were tricked into believing the great worldwide storm of the past has little relevance in our modern day lives. Far too many have been deceived concerning the true meaning of the Great flood.

nukBy the trickery of Satan a false perception been created. The focus of the Great Flood has been changed from a tremendous worldwide loss of “human life” to the bogus notion of the great flood being a Child’s fable centered on the saving animals.

It’s the people of Noah’s day whose reprehensible conduct brought forth the wrath of God, yet the wickedness of the people is hardly ever mentioned.

Of course the adversary attempts to deceive everyone, as if “strict accountability” only applies to the people who lived at the time of the worldwide storm. In comparison to the wickedness of the first era, and the enormous flood that happened to punish and eliminate the wicked, does one really expect the colossal transgressions of this present era to go unpunished?

History reveals mistakes  of past generations which should serve as a warning as to why nations and peoples are made desolate. Does anyone who has taken the time to seriously consider this issue expect to endure a less horrendous fate than the masses of people who drowned at the end of the first era? The people of the first era had very little prior warning, which is not the case for the people living at the present time. It’s not difficult for one to see how the whole history of Noah has digressed from its true meaning. One finds an alternate media presentation that creates a version of events completely out of context and absent of the intended relevance the Holy Scripture provides.

This psychological side of hand is intended to divert ones understanding away from the “great warning given to all future generations” demonstrated by the drowning of practically every human being on the face of the entire earth. The features of the terrain left by the worldwide storm are the true wonders of the world, and far more than 7 remain in existence. The abundance of proof concerning the Great flood is stunning, and the full recognition of these landmarks are intended to keep people from falling into the same wickedness that caused the death of practically all of the people in the first era.

No shortage of Evidence

The abundant evidence left to us and seen through the reshaping of the terrain is confirmation that the cleansing, and renewing of the earth did indeed take place. This drastic “worldwide change” happens at the end of one era establishing a fresh new start for future generations. Keep in mind all hell will break loose on the face of the earth right before this present era ends. It’s prophecy that serves as a guidepost for future events leading up to terrifying conclusion of this present era.

Just as mile markers informs the hiker of his location all along the way one knows precisely the distance behind him, and the remaining distance to be covered. Holy Scripture provides a reliable historical context for past events, its effect on current events, while fore-telling the future. We are all born into the world at a particular time, much has happened before we were born, and much has yet to take place, and how many people seek to gain ones bearings based on the time period for which they live?  Where does one find a accurate compass in terms of wisdom and morality in this ungodly world?


Prophecy explains the events that will take place as the point in time called the great tribulation approaches. Much trouble unprecedented in the entire history of the world will happen upon the earth especially in the last three and a half years.

These events have already been foretold, and the political turmoil taking place worldwide provides us with a reliable gauge helping one to evaluate the short amount of time remaining before the completion of this present era. Holy Scripture states: Ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places (Matt: 24:6-7).

We increasingly find the news on current events is filled with much rumor of various nations threatening war. Whether it is North Korea against South Korea, China against Japan, India against Pakistan, and throughout other regions in the world rumors of conflicts can, and sometimes do intensify into wars. We now find so-called intelligence agencies financed by extremely wealthy international banker who intentionally create bloody conflicts destabilizing governments worldwide. At this point the 1948 Israeli nation born out of war and terrorism exalting itself against ancient nations such as Iran and Syria. The Zionist bankers that brought the Israeli nation into existence by deception, usury and war. The occupation of the Holy Land by Edomites who call themselves Israeli’s have caused much bloodshed and trouble for the entire Middle East.

308aThe dynamics of how the small Israeli nation gains support from so many nations, and for that matter nations much more powerful than itself is quite a revealing story in itself.

Simply put if the international cabal of Zionist bankers were viewed as a nation it would be the Israeli nation.

The United Nation and the small country that wants to be known as “Israel” were born out of the carnage and destruction of two world wars, and carry out the evil agenda of the Zionist bankers who are attempting to bring the nations of the world under the yoke of communism.

Make no mistake…the arrival of the Israeli’s to the Holy land through war and terrorism in 1948 is very inconsistent with the prophecy concerning the true Israelites return to the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It’s the prophecy concerning Esau which reveals the purpose of the Edomite’s occupation of the Holy land and the judgment that must be carried out for what they did against the true Israelites in 70 A.D and all the other crimes against God and humanity that they have committed.

nukeAlso consider this in light of the fact that the Israeli’s have had a nuclear program for decades, yet no nation is obstinate about pointing out this enormous hypocrisy in an effort to avert what could escalate into a full blown world war.

It’s not at all difficult to recognize the love of money, and wicked self-destructive powers it has over nations, people, and civilization. The claims of Liberating the Iraqi’s from their fellow countryman, and leader whom the media said was involved in processing yellow cake uranium were all lies. Iraq is much worst now that the Israeli’s have used America to destroy that country, and the whole irony is they are also destroying the American economy, and freedom based on our Constitution rights.

The wicked Zionist media also reported “Al Aqaeda” was working with Saddam and hiding weapons of mass destruction; these were all colossal lies.


The truth happens to be that the Israeli’s provoked the wars and the destabilization of Iraq, while spreading what amounts to man-made pestilence throughout Iraq. Depleted Uranium was used against U.S. troops as well the people of Iraq devastating the land, and the health of all the peoples who were intentionally exposed to extremely dangerous radiation.

Famine results from the contamination of the land, and if any food does manage to grow those who consume it will contract radiation poisoning. This type of beastly evil may seem like a world away, but understand it’s also happening here in America and yes the poisoning is gradual in an attempt to conceal their evil intentions concerning mass murder.

The take over of the American Government is different from Iraq at this point, however in both countries domination by the Zionist international bankers is the end result they hope to achieve worldwide. They call it the spread of democracy, but it’s really communism.

The greedy bastards that have been poisoning to the air, food, and water in terms of the war on health, and they would not be spending millions in advertising and television programming for life threatening illnesses if they did not expect to receive huge profits. The Satanic madness of medical terrorism can’t be ignored and proves that the wicked overpopulation agenda is real. Take notice of all the television commercials related to cancer.

What one finds here essentially is some evil think tank has determined how to make mass murder more profitable than the Holodomer. So instead of killing millions of people all at once the Fabian (gradual) method is used to rob the people of their health, and property while at the same time pretending that they are helping you.

Again one finds a key signature trait of the inner workings of Satan, this being everything is “backward or opposite” in terms of the reality of truth. The medical establishment presents itself as promoting health, but good health limits profits, and when the financial gatekeepers determine dead people are worth more than the living slow kill mass murder operations begin to happen.

monA more in depth understanding of how famine and pestilence is used for exploitation and control is seen in the satanic methods of a man made controlled famine. Henry Kissingerdeclared in the 1970′s, “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population”.

The Jewish company Monsanto has a patents on crops which don’t produce seeds, and causes cross pollination problems for natural crops. So the threat of siege in Iraq is now ever-present, and any resistance or lack of cooperation can be dealt with by withholding seeds which results in famine.

So Greedy bankers who control the price, and availability of seed pretends to be God through the peoples enslavement based on food. A man-made famine capable of starving millions is beastly enough, however alternate schemes have been created by Satan and his people again pretending to be God by replacing wholesome food with “Genetically modified organisms” complete with internal pesticide/poison.

Europe has been more successful than in U.S in stopping the plague of genetically modified organisms, and fluoride being ingested by Europeans, and less successful in the attack on vitamins and supplements.

codexThe people of the U.S. on the other hand are being treated like cattle as the corporate right arm of the Zionist bankers as well as the FDA, EPA work together to disallow the proper labeling to conceal whether one is ingesting genetically modified organisms or real food.

Vitamins and supplements in the U.S. are more readily available than in Europe, however one must beware of vitamin products by the pharmaceutical companies which include harmful ingredients much the same way vaccines use ingredients that work in opposition to the preservation of health.

Both Europe and America and much of the world remain in the cross-heirs of organizations within the UN whose intention is to restrict Natural foods, and vitamin supplements. The evidence of yet another overpopulation scheme which amounts to mass murder through a controlled famine by limiting the nutritional value foods.

The war on our health and food for purposes of coercion, conquest, and communist control is a reality. Despite any perceptions of equity the mission of United Nation and all the related agencies are working toward a super government. This is the underlying reason for the creation of the U.N and the Israeli nation, and make no mistake the wicked Zionist bankers intend to cash in on their investments.

Recent history shows the international bankers methods of thievery in terms of stealing entire Governments. In Iraq after intense bombing (shock and awe) was used to murder and terrorize the Iraqi population more coercion took place by reducing the availability of clean water and electricity.

To make matters worst depleted uranium was used to intentionally sicken the people, and reorganized the country with a Zionist central bank in place. All through the savage brutality of war the victims are being labeled the “terrorist”, and it must be understood that the demonic cult members obsessed with world conquest view everyone “worldwide” in opposition to their communist madness as being “terrorist”.

This type of sub-human greed and thievery is not restricted to Iraq for in the United States the Zionist already have a central banking system in place, and the systematic De-moralization of Americans along with the suppression of our rights and freedoms are increasing right along with the debt.

Much of the property of Americans is lost through bankruptcy caused by the treatment of life threatening sickness already predetermined to happened from the heavy metals, and other poisons placed in the air and foods.

The gradual poisoning methods in the U.S. may be different, and not as lethal as the tons of depleted uranium used in Iraq, however the Zionist are in control of both governments. The results that the bankers seek to achieve in both countries are the same despite the type of methods used.

stalinThe Holodomor was a terrible atrocity that happened after Russia was tricked, and taken over by the communist bankers. This was a man-made famine used by Lenin’s successor Joseph Stalin to murder more than 20 million people who did not bow to the dictates of the international bankers which operate through communism.

Despite all that the lying propaganda from Zionist news networks the civil unrest in Syria, Iran, Libya, Egypt, and post war Iraq are conflicts rooted in the spread of Zionist central banks and communism. The bankers evil success in the plan that systematically undermined the Russian monarchy called the “Bolshevik revolution” serves as a political template for the spread of communism in north Africa, the middle east, and all across the world. So one can clearly see how history can, and does repeat itself.

The last Czar of Russia fought long and hard against a Zionist central bank which caused the Russian monarchy many problems, and now we find Iran facing many problems from the criminal Zionist bankers. The actions of those bribed and brainwashed by them also take part in an beastly greed that compels them to use savage methods of coercion/war toward those who rightfully reject a Zionist central bank.

Earthquakes in divers places have been foretold and is speaking of the devastation that happens when the epicenter of an earthquake takes place underwater and results in an tsunami. So far only one tsunami has had such an overwhelming effect on land, which happened in Japan causing great destruction, and is a prime example of what can happen when earthquakes take place under the water.


The radiation released in Japan, (is not depleted) can be considered long-term man-made pestilence paving the way to famine. Also one finds a perfect example of how wisdom is far superior to intellectual learning that results in so-called technological advancement. The notion of high tech somehow being the evidence of mankind’s progress is without merit, and though arrogance and greed no one seems to seriously consider that any invention capable of self-destruction is not progress at all.

In the short term an illusion of progress from nuclear power may exist, however it’s too early to determine the full impact worldwide of the release so much radiation. Eventually humanity will come to understand how incredibly stupid it was to place four nuclear reactors in a earthquake prone country so close to the ocean.

02One can expect more tsunami’s to happen in fulfillment of Holy Scripture as other high population geographic areas are struck as the end of this era arrives. All coastal areas of the world are not beyond vulnerability including the United States.

On the world stage recognizing the type of political events mentioned here in terms of wars, famine, man-made pestilence, and tsunami’s one comes to recognize how the prophecy ofMatthew 24:6-7, is understood through actual worldwide events.

The script for world events is found in the word of God, and its accuracy in foretelling political events written long before they actually happen is of tremendous value.

Earthquakes from dry land are catastrophic enough without the element of water, and if its true mankind can cause earthquakes with HAARP technology one can also expect natural unintended consequences that will find a way back to the nation responsible for such high-tech terrorism.


One can plainly see that science and technology is at odds with God, and the bulk of all high technology is used for evil purposes and out-weights any good derived from it. How can anyone doubt the fact that nuclear weapons and power with all the toxic waste is something evil?

Or genetic-engineering with all the poison laced artificial foods derived from this evil science that causes sickness, and death while making people more exploitable by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Is there any doubt that some things are better left alone, and only evil come from tampering with things too high for mankind’s feeble intellect, and far beyond his short-sightedness?

Consider the sudden nationwide push to vaccinate the population while at the same time developing flu virus’s such as the H1N1 virus as if good health was the true motive. There is more than one way of fighting a war, and whether it’s the poison vaccines, man-made diseases, tainted foods, high-tech weapons, energy or high tech surveillance systems it’s all moving toward communist control.

The wicked see control over the lives of others as power as they follow the plan of Satan who always desired the power only God has. When they speak of overpopulation this is the code word for mass murder, and remember how history warns us of people like Stalin who murdered many millions of innocent people without high technology!

Mankind pretends to be God with all the high tech and is clueless about the future consequences of his actions. The jealous of the adversary known as Satan has a tremendous amount of envy and with his wicked systems of manipulation, coercion, and beastly force, seeks to destroy all that God has created.

The adversary and his followers have the need to appease the demented illusion of having great power as if they were god. Is it not Satan’s elite that plays god with lives of the peoples of the entire earth?

This present artificial world order based on usury lures people into the love and worship of money and is getting much worst. Despite the false perception of the next phase of this present world order having longevity, the reality is Satan and his followers time is running very short.

globaljewsThey are some of the wealthiest criminals in the world, and seek to control all nations as if they own the world. They want to be known as elite and seem to think they created the heaven and earth; but what could be further from the truth?

It’s the destruction of the creation that the children of wickedness seek to accomplish. Having a shameless lust for power and a most inexorable greed no methods regardless of how abhorrent will distract them from the temporary acquisition of ill gotten wealth and power. It’s a age old truth is that one comes into the world with nothing, and leaves with nothing. Only a record of one’s deeds is all that remains until the resurrection of the dead and judgment.

But history reveals Esau has had a major impediment, and little respect for the promises of God. Esau is the type of individual that wants everything now so he sold his birthright and blessing.

Sure the blessing bestowed upon Abraham and Isaac was to go to the next first born son, and that blessing was to rule the world with the son of God forever. However Esau showed little faith, and no patients with the words of God, and his brother Jacob received the Covenant blessing.

Esau could never accept the fact that the Covenant blessing would not be his, so Esau has entered into a covenant with the Adversary of God in a effort to rule the world.

As it is written: As for the mysteries of God, they knew them not: neither hoped they for the wages of righteousness, nor discerned a reward for blameless souls. For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity. Bible Apocrypha Wisdom of Solomon 2:22-24

Accountability happens after human beings are resurrected from the died become immortal and can no longer die. Our lives as mortals is the only chance we will ever get to choose the condition of our permanent lives as immortals. Sure these things are not easy to understand because we cannot see God and the cherubs, or Satan and the demons, but understand this is the test human beings are faced with to determine what type of fate one is worthy of.

Before the invention of the microscope it was also difficult to believe a vast world of microscopic organisms existed that greatly out-numbered the human population of the earth because we could not see them.

Nothing has been or will be invented to look into the spiritual world and see an immortal. They do exist and the miracle of our very existence along with the earth and all that is put here to sustain life shows us a immortal God does exists.

So the notion of blind faith is meaningless because one can see the works of God. On the other hand the darkness has been forbidden to those who have respect for the word of God. Those who have chosen to ignore what Holy Scripture teaches, and have delved into the occult know that Evil spirits are real and do exist.

Few if any of these people seem to understand all the ways they are tricked into making contact with the darkness, and that contact with darkness through idolatry, secret societies or any other method is to flirt with eternal disaster.

It’s written: For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal [must] put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where [is] thy sting? O grave, where [is] thy victory? 1 Corinthians 15:53-55

At some point we all become immortal, however being incorruptible does not apply to those that have chosen the many paths of darkness. For Satan is ancient and very skilled at deception, and all the well laid plans that human beings attribute to themselves are really the plans of Satan who has manipulated mortals into carrying out his work.

Money is one of the main tools in the devils arsenal of tricks which lure people into committing their permanent existence to darkness in exchange for money. We may not think of Satan having wealth, power, or money, but the reality is very different.

Biblical history points out a situation in which Satan attempted to manipulate the son of God by basically promising the wealth and power of the World. It’s written:The devil, taking him up into an high mountain, showed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.

masonHaving a total disregard for ethics, and being far from any hint of virtue, the children of corruption both small and great loaded with either ignorance, arrogance, or both will no doubt follow the path of Satan’s destruction.

The father of lies leads his children to believe in a Utopian New World Order, and has programmed them to use all his nefarious methods to achieve this goal; however the part Satan never reveals is that this utopia is really talking about eternity in the bowels of hell with the fallen angels. The key part to understanding the first two human beings on the face of the earth is to understand the original plan was Human beings were to be immortal and never die.

The original plan of Almighty God was only set back, and those who make deals with the darkness will no doubt understand, and keep understanding why Satan is called the devil. The fallen angels are immortal already and it’s just a matter of time before human beings become immortal.

At this point many don’t recognize the type of justice that awaits those who have proven themselves to be wicked. The type of everlasting justice has been talked about for centuries, and it’s easy for some to consider such things impossible.

Being like Satan the children of corruption have a dark side to most everything they say and do, whatever they present as being beneficial always has a hidden aspect which is quite often extremely detrimental to the well being of individuals and to the common good of society. This backward logic is a signature trait of those infested with demonic spirits.

deesIf they proclaim the “Patriot act” it’s really the “Tyranny act”, when they proclaim a “war of terror” it’s really talking about a “war on Constitutional freedoms” for they themselves are the terrorist worldwide.

If they proclaim they are “keeping you safe” the fact of the matter is that they are “working to enslave you”. If they say it was the “Muslims” behind 9-11 one will find the “Zionist” were really responsible for the 9-11 carnage as well as the loss of our Constitutional rights and privacy. If they say that they are “making life easier” what they mean is they are “making you dependent”.

Consider the World bank and IMF’s poverty reduction strategies, and notice that everything they do is the total opposite of any hint of poverty reduction. It’s the insatiable greed of these financial institutions that sustain poverty, sickness, and inequity.

How can we forget about medical science? Notice how all the charitable organizations spent the past decades soliciting donations promising cures for life threatening illnesses.


Remember all the fund raising exploits were taking the peoples money while creating false hope?

Those who donated really believed the money would be used to help eradicate illness, but those who worship money will be very skilled at telling people all sorts of evil lies to manipulate their victims.

Remember all the telethons suggesting medical research would result in finding cures? Ever really tried to find even “one” cure that resulted from all the millions donated to medical science?

We’ve all been robbed and lied to. The gatekeeper of medical science never intended to cut themselves out of any profits by finding cures. We now find the “promotion” of illness, dependence, and death as being the dark side of the medical industry.

Finding true cures for illness is not consistent with being a follower of Satan, and to this very day few people are ever checked for vitamin deficiencies. And with all the millions donated to medical research over the decades it’s no secret that only a small part of the worlds plant life has ever been tested for medicinal properties.


The Satanic goal was never good health and independence; it’s all about the management of illness, money, and control. Life and death is to some degree in the hands of those who finance the medical industry, and the only thing they love more than the arrogant notion of having the power of life and death in their hands is the money they receive for their medical exploitation.

The war on life and good health continue as millions fall victim to all the toxins intentionally placed in the air, food, and water. We now find a million and one television commercials offering treatment for serious illnesses, and this is confirmation of the windfall in profits that is expected from the mass poisonings.

All of this is happening to us right under our noses right here in the United States, and all throughout the world. A traitor has given our industrial base over to the Communist Chinese, and the lost of manufacturing, property, health, inheritance, and good stable employment is a well planned reality.

The enemies of America and the world have invested much time and effort into keeping America in decline and subservient. The horrible irony is the American people themselves are being treated as goy cattle, and a human commodity for the medical and other privatized industries to cash in on what amount to the casualties of war.

Notice all the elaborate breakfast cereal commercials. The best way to find out about the heavy metals now present in Cheerios is to float one in water and take a magnet and watch how the piece of breakfast cereal follows the magnet around the water. FDA says and does nothing about the metals and poisons in the food and water.

Neither does the EPA acknowledge the (chemtrails) toxins being intentionally sprayed in the air. The communist bankers have rendered these and other governmental agencies void. They are only maintained to create the “false” perception that the heavy infiltration of communism is not a reality.

globaleliteA major aspect of satanic control in the world relies on “usury” which has been strictly prohibited by the God of Holy Scripture, and the world’s elite have sided with Satan and coerced many to also totally disregard the word of God.

The artificial system of money, and how it’s used in conducting worldly affairs, is responsible for the bulk of all corruption, and most wars including the world wars. Is it not true that those who finance war with such death, bloodshed, and carnage enrich themselves greatly from the evil system of Usury?

Satan’s hierarchy for the most part are the wealthiest people in the world have the same ambitions as do the fallen angels, “spiritual wickedness in high places” is seen through the evil embodied in all the evil human beings that carry out Satan’s plans of desolation in the earth.

The foundation of worldly affairs has shown itself to be structured on money, and the love of money, which is known to be, and has proven itself to be the root of evil. The evidence is unmistakable that the most damaging and wide spread evil is done by the richest people in the world.
9-11The 9-11 terrorism scheme is the spring board for more terrorism masked as liberation in the Middle East.

The expansion of the Zionist central bank in the U.S. happened (through bailouts and the subversion of constitutional rights) and the expansion aboard happens through mossad/CIA destabilization campaigns used to hijack sovereignty through orchestrated conflicts.

Again the Bolshevik revolution that was used against Russian monarchy is the model, or operational procedure to promote communism though internal conflicts in the middle east and throughout the world.

The United States already having a Zionist central bank in control of the country used 911 to promote communism and bring it to the forefront. The very unfortunate part is all that the history of Noah is intended to teach us has been diminished.

We the people of modern times seem so far removed, distracted, and inattentive to the onset of the worldwide death and destruction which has been foretold, even when it is happening right before our eyes.

The primary difference between the ending of the first era was that it happened suddenly, however this present era will conclude with a gradual chastisement culminating in all out carnage for the last 3.5 years.

Its evil and the knowledge of evil that was intended to be withheld from man and it’s this great plague of the knowledge of evil which has lured mankind into conducting worldly affairs with great corruption.

It’s the hidden hand of Satan, which must be removed from the earth, to free the world from the great wickedness that afflicts all creation. Satan hasn’t created anything and his followers display a pompous sense of entitlement compelling them to control and exploit others with methods only the father of evil would take pride in.

The phase “end of the world” applies only to those eliminated from dwelling on the surface of the earth. An unholy marriage has been foretold as the people who have accepted doing the will of Satan are transformed into immortals after the judgment joining Satan in the lake of fire.

sevilAs it is written Genesis 11-13: The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

The fallen angels lead by Satan continues on in the ancient war against God and truth bringing eternal misery to the masses of people who are beguiled by all the lies. Many millions are in a direct covenant with Satan through their secret societies, and are used as Satan’s pawns in the destruction of civilization as they carry out his evil worldly agenda.

The Zionist bankers along with the politicians from wealthy nations create and finance the operations of Al Qaeda, which is now known as ISIL or ISIS to commit satanic savagery across the globe and blame the victims.

Anyone familiar with the occult understands the meaning of the pentagram and how it is used as a portal that reaches to the satanic darkside. The building known as the pentagon is one of the largest building on earth, and the skilled observer is not unaware of how it’s all related to the pentagram.

The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to “knowledge of the hidden”. For example the C.I.A. is known as a clandestine agency, however the great evil that it does cannot be hidden. There is no doubt a secret government of wicked human beings behind the government, and Satan lives though all of them. He could do little without them.


The War On The Mind

By way of deception the father of lies works relentlessly to take as many as possible with him and the fallen angels beneath the surface of the earth.

media“You will know them by their works” for truth will come under attack in a large variety of ways, the follows of evil will continue laboring intensely to create the unreal perceptions of wicked falsehoods being truth, and truth being falsehood. Any deviation from truth creates artificial truth which is a “lie”.

Truth has longevity and is the mortal enemy of a lie”, so we find “the experts” of every conceivable way of telling lies and misleading the masses of people will indeed be in possession the tools (media conglomerates) for propagating such enormous lies.


From the first falsehood uttered on the face of the earth by Satan while in the Garden of Eden “you will not surely die,” unto today’s modern high tech prevarication networks deception has advanced from a diabolical art, to a precise science. The lies are contrived as a means to an end, and that end is to bring eternal death/damnation to the masses of people.

The news and entertainment media machinery is capable of reaching millions at once exerting a predominate influence over the minds of those viewing material designed to have one conform to false perceptions leading to exploitation and destruction.

priceGames shows such as the “price is right” work in conjunction with “Let’s make a deal”, to create in the minds of the people the underlining conditioning for bribery. The deceptive label “game show” has a more sinister purpose than fun and games.

The viewers are disarmed by the label games so there is little resistance from ones conscious mind as the messages of each media scheme remains  embedded in the sub-conscious mind.


dealThe seeds of “Let’s make a deal and the price is right” were planted in to the minds of people for decades, and many no doubt from time to time confused the two programming schemes.

Just as planned we now find deep pocket lobbyist working at the highest levels of government, and practically all the politicians find themselves working for those who finance them, and working against all the principles they were elected to uphold. It’s not at all by chance, but by design that our national heritage, freedom and Constitution is being undermined by those capable of promoting all manner of corruption through bribery to promote Communism.

It’s a known fact that 60 seconds of television time for commercials can bring a sharp increase in the sales. Less apparent to most are the repercussions of more specialized media programming, and its ability to cultivate attitudes, opinions, cultural trends, and behavior detrimental to one’s country, family, and our religious tradition.

The decades of media programming designed to have predetermined effects on the minds of the people has conditioned our society for maximum exploitation. Money worship is promoted by most game shows as the winners show great delight, which encourages the desire for materialistic things. Very little if any media presentations portray the fulfillment one attains from having ethics, purpose, sound reasoning, or holding to ones principles.

Over the years the ideas placed in the minds of people by the media does have a effect. When both political parties and practically the entire Government have sold out to the Israeli’s how can one ignore the media influence?

The international bankers with the ability to just print up American currency are now starting to reap the harvest their well planned international communist terrorism.

moneyevilMoney/bribery has transformed agencies such as the C.I.A. to work almost exclusively for those capable of bribing whole nations, and the works of agencies such as the C.I.A. are prime examples of why money is called the root of all evil.

Also an in depth understanding of Foreign aid from the United States really amounts to the bribery of nations.

It’s the wicked interest of the U.S. being pushed not any aid for the people of any particular country, and the aid is cut off if the evil policies of the bankers working through the United States are not adhered to.

The War On The Family


sanger1Families are what constitute nations, and it’s the family unit that has come under attack by those seeking a complete control over every aspect people’s of lives including how each family member “thinks”. The destabilization of the family is an extremely wicked agenda given to mankind from the father of evil.

Those instrumental in carrying out the works of Satan are no doubt controlled by demonic spirits whether they realize it or not, and they labor all their lives to bring others into inheriting everlasting torment with their father by spreading the ideas and precepts of their father Satan. The minds of wife’s and mothers have come under attack by those that have put forth the sinister scheme called liberation.

feministOnce the evil schemes are planted in the minds of the victims a harvest of destructive behavior soon emerges which is extremely wicked, and without question Satanic.

We can see the results of the wicked feminist rhetoric now that 50% or one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, and this is a terrible reality as promiscuity has become the norm it’s clearly more difficult to maintain a lasting marriage.

The so-called liberation has shown it’s really about allowing mothers to murder more than 52,000,000 innocent babies by brutal abortions since 1972, and destroying the family from within. A selfish mind set has replaced a loving supportive family life, and one can also see how lesbianism now flourishes as another example of the evil fruits of the feminism deception.

The origin of this satanic work is not only designed to destroy families, but also to almost insure the likelihood of those who follow Satan’s instructions of killing babies will join him for eternity in bowels of hell.

steinemA concerted effort to seed the population with dangerous ideas was pre-planned, and financed by the Zionist. Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and many other Jewish operatives were used by the C.I.A. and other Zionist front organizations.

The traditional roles of man and wife are intentionally obscured which generate conflicts that disrupt cooperation in families. Of course the children suffer from dysfunctional marriages, which far too often cripple the children’s own ability to sustain happy life long marriages.

This downward spiral is designed to bring about intervention by the state into matters handled traditional among family members. This leads to big government paving the way to communist control.

The maniacal communist believe there is no need for God, family, or religion according to their twisted diabolical thinking. The satanic idiots believe that the “state” is all that matters. A practical understanding of the communist state is one thing, however from an understanding of the esoteric “It’s Satan that’s in control and being worshiped by the blind submission to the colossal wickedness of “the state”.

femalelibThe on-going psychological media campaign to weaken men and young boys is attempting to get into the heads, or control center of those expected to provide major resistance for the Masonic terrorist who intend to murder, and enslave the population with the yoke of communism.

The facts pertaining to the break down of the family confirms the fact that far too many woman have been convinced not to listen to their husband, and the skilled observer will see that many movies plant the seeds of mental rebellion in the mind of the wife, and all members of the family.

Most television commercials now depict men as an object of ridicule in one way or another. Far too often fathers are portrayed as weak and stupid in need of guidance from his spouse, and now his children. Many movies known as entertainment depicts conflicts among family members on a regular basis, and the parents being disrespected by opinionated and rebellious children is a common theme.

Is this supposed to be entertainment to see a woman leading and beating up dozens of men, or saving men from danger? The confusing perceptions this type of programming creates in the minds of young children is of Satan. It’s not the woman that teaches the boy how to be a man.

It’s clear the media’s aim is to keep future men from being manly and reaching their greatest potential as a men. It’s not difficult the see how television programming featuring a shrill voiced man who has beat the odds, becomes a judge, and idolizes his “mother” fits into the scheme of things.

It’s not at all by chance that the television show featuring Judge Joe Brown was cancelled. It’s the programming of shows like Judge Mathis which promotes characteristics counter-productive to the development of young men, and boys.

michelleellen-It’s also no coincidence that on a different channel in the same time slot the well known Lesbian covertly promotes a very wicked life style to the sub-conscious minds of young women and girls. While at the same time the Zionist controlled News media floods the minds of viewers with the same type of marriages that Brought about the destruction of five evil cities: Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim, and Bela by fire.

There is a darkside to what’s labeled entertainment, and the media is loaded with very destructive psychological exploits designed by the enemies of God, civilization, this nation, and humanity.

Except for the Satanic Harry potter movies young male children are not featured much in media presentations these days. Young girl children are more numerous and seem to be more useful in movie scripts. However the movie Road to Perdition has the story of a man child, and is a more obvious example of the subliminal programming happening throughout Hollywood.

The notion of entertainment is just the mask that covers mind manipulation, and at the end of Road to Perdition the young viewers had their sub-conscious minds implanted with what amounts to guns, self preservation, and the 2nd amendment should be avoided.

Even in nature programming the gender of the animals is expounded upon for psychological reasons and the overuse of the word she is done by design. Subtle as it may seem the increased notoriety in media presentations pertaining to gender is designed to have a negative and confusing effect on the minds of young impressionable boys.

This taken in context with the showcasing the many effeminate men and masculine women in the visual media one tends to understand the very evil results expected by media planners in terms of creating less resistance to communist tyranny in the minds of the youth. The war on children can also be observed in cartoon programming.


Once the underlining purposes of media programming labeled “game show” is recognized it’s not difficult to see the intent of programming such as “are you smarter than a filth grader”. If one thinks children don’t listen to their parents now imagine a generation of youth indoctrinated with this type of programming.

Children are now being used as informants against their own parents due to Anti-American Schooling now wide spread in this country. Methods of altering people’s conduct are well thought out, sophisticated, and not at all mere games. Sigmund Freud working through his nephew Edward Bernays, and many others, developed the subliminal aspects of television and advertisement to be used in far more than selling merchandise.

mauryxThe destruction of the family through media programming is all throughout the old media. On a daily basis one can find the worst type of obscene relationships being placed front and center for all to see as the promotion of degenerate behavior.

They advertise indecent conduct which is implanted in the minds of the viewers…is this what’s used to try to justify mass murder in terms of the overpopulation agenda? What other purpose can one find for such repulsive television programming? What possible results do those that put forth such programming hope to achieve?

jerryxThe broadcasting of debauchery by those of dual citizenship is more undeniable evidence of the true source of the worlds problems. The Protocol’s of Zion speaks of despotism and cultivating the mob mentality for political objectives though the instigation of conflict.

The Bolshevik revolution and the Masonic terrorist that now ravish Syria and North Africa are prime examples of how the creation of conflicts is used against governments. The same ones who stripped Americans of our Christian heritage by propagating Darwinism, evolution, money worship, hero worship, and atheism have now created a visual circus of cheering and applauds mocking those the Zionist have apparently convinced to forsake our nations traditional religious values.

 In preparation for use of force against the American people the weakening of the mind, the health, and the morale is being demonstrated throughout all the Zionist controlled media. We the people are essentially being place on notice of their intentions by all the cancer commercials, trash television, and the subversion of our true Constitutional protection under “true American law”.

lease; leased

It’s now obvious the erosion of our Constitutional freedom, and the attacks happening in Syria and throughout north Africa is the result of the false-flag 9-11 attack. The international bankers planned the changing of our governmental structure know precisely what they are intending to do in America, and this is why those that believe in our Constitution Republic are now called resistors and potential terrorist. Tyranny is the reason for all the KGB type surveillance that has been turned against the people. The N.S.A. has been hijacked and every aspect of our private lives is being monitored, and this clearly defines communism.


The long process of demoralization has now become apparent to most Americans with the lost of employment, humiliation at airports, and the lost of millions of overpriced homes to foreclosure. Innocent American citizens are now being spied on, and it’s never revealed that ones opposition to communism is considered a crime.

Tracking devices are operational in cell phones and many vehicles. Once any America considered a resistor crosses the 25 mile radius from Home or job while carrying cell phones law enforcement is notified, yet illegal immigrants throughout most of the country are ignored.

We now see where all the sedition leads, with one out of every two marriages ending in divorce the wicked harvest of the evil ideas planted by those who planned and financed feminism is now quite apparent. The murder of over 60,000,000 infants by abortion and the total break down of lasting marriage.

The Soviet Union invented child support laws, and the use of these laws in the United States adds to the increasing escalation of Communism. From the beginning the wicked scheme to undercut the authority of the man as head of the household and protector of the family by playing the women against him to divide and conquer American families has always been the goal.

The conditions for domestic altercations by design have increased in homes as many fathers leave the home, others are sometimes arrested, and both scenarios work just as the Zionist planned. These covert methods of undermining a nation is cheaper, and far more sneaky than standing armies.

It’s unfortunate that Americans failed to realize the international bankers disguised as England have never stopped being at war with America dating all the way back to before the American revolution.



The War On Our Freedom

kissengerWhen Kissinger worked in the Nixon Administration the deliberate nullification of our industrial base was long range planning and no mistake. Slave labor has always been what communist countries relied upon and millions of people have been worked to death in gulag labor camps.

Kissinger helped the communist to understand how to use the free labor in more productive ways. China’s large population was accustom to forced labor and a capitalist element was added and even through the country is still communist a slave wage is paid, and companies like Walmart puts our manufacturing base squarely in the hands of the communist.


Yet the politicians keep the false job hope campaign alive while indoctrinating the youth, and persuading adults to volunteer our labor and forget about a paycheck. Is entry into slave labor camps the award our corrupt politicians are speaking of?

Voluntary labor is easily transformed into forced labor as the time draws near when neo-cons decide when to start accepting slaves into the many penal camps throughout the United States. The biggest one being the one in Alaska which was a former mental institution and it’s all reminiscent of the Siberian labor camps of Stalin.

What type of future do students really have with the huge debt they incurred for sub-standard education? With the influx of H-1b outsiders, outsourcing, downsizing, and inflation…who can deny the trend is toward forced labor and communist privatization of penal institutions?

stalinobaIn the past Stalin also packed peasants into the gulag penal camps extracting free labor from millions of innocent people who died from disease, starvation, being overworked, and exposure to the cold.

Those who remained in their communities were terrorized with public executions, arrests, and murder. The communist are all about thievery and those who had more property knew that giving their possessions over to the so-called state was nothing more than giving their property to communist thieves.


So the kulaks said to be wealthier than peasants were singled out for harsh treatment to psych out and terrorize everyone else into not resisting collectivization. The name Kulaks was used as a label just as, heretic, terrorist, and roaches was used to target and murder people.

Artists, lawyers, poets, and basically all professionals were robbed of property and wealth. The notion of being a threat to the state was the camouflage used to try disguise the fact that the communist were really a brunch of thieves and murderers with a plan.

ww2As the madness continued no one was free from the fear, or the terror of being arrested and executed. Seldom is it mentioned in history that the Russian Civil war was a war between the indigenous white Russians, and the communist Jews.

The smoke screen of stating this Civil war was between the reds and the whites is yet another way of attempting to conceal the fact that the thief of entire Russian government was orchestrated and financed by Jews. The international bankers namely Jacob Schiff envied the Tsar’s wealth, and worked tenuously to replace the Russian monarchy with a Zionist central bank.


Russia was not the only country having enormous problems with the international bankers imposing their central bank on sovereign countries.

The United States and our founding fathers fought tooth and nail against the bankers freeing our nation from their usury only to have the parasitic central bank reemerge later.

Abraham Lincoln and the Russian Tsar battled together against the bankers during the American Civil war, however both nations fought losing battles against their intrusion.

The first three years after what was known as the Bolshevik revolution the white Russians realized that were being lied to by the communist, and all the promises Lenin claimed communism was all about proved itself to be a total fraud. After the Jewish communist managed to win the Civil war, and all murders started taking place it became clear that the Russians were duped into unwittingly helping the Jews to destroy the Russian Monarchy.

666As terrible as Lenin was Stalin was even worst. Stalin’s real last name was Djugashvili, and in the Georgian language “shvili” means son of, or son, as in Johnson.

“Djuga” means Jew. Therefore Djugashvili means Jewison.

Despite all the efforts to erase facts pertaining to Stalin, his real name was changed because Joe Jewison left no doubt about Stalin being a Jew.

The man was a monster and he murdered so many millions of innocent people Stalin started getting paranoid and murdering his own trusted party members in his sub-human purges.

In addition to the deadly purges Stalin enacted a law making any criticism of Jews punishable by death. Apparently Stalin himself had fears of justice finally coming his way, so in his paranoid state Stalin inadvertently proclaimed himself a Jew.

It’s more than obvious that a cruel monster like Stalin would not make a decree punishable by death for no race other than his own. The notion of Anti-semitism is communist, a fraud, and the political invention of Stalin.

If the international bankers who call themselves our Federal Reserve were not intending to use our military against us there would be no reason to remove the posse comittatus act from the laws that are truly intended to protect Americans.


We find the media was intentionally used to divide families and to create situations that make it more suitable for men to live outside the homes so it’s easier to for troops to be used against American households. It’s no secret that there has been an increase in (Israeli styled) road check points that are now mainly used around holidays, but these are also expanding.

The communist sanctioned perversion of the T.S.A. is now gradually moving its way outside the airports. What’s left…Now the dual citizenship communist traitors have only to decide when the country has been weaken enough to turn the military loose on the American people.

Another one of their false-flag operations such as 9-11 or a third world war could be all that’s needed for them to try and make communism overt and fully operational .


Also one can clearly see those working at the behest of Satan will definitely be in possession of the (root of evil) money supply. Is it not the Zionist in control of the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, and central banks throughout much of the world? The erasing of borders, along with the merging and consolidation of nations points to one global authority or world rule by a particular entity.


Are we to believe in same color that represents the United Nation and the Israeli flag is just coincidental?

This in light of the fact that the U.N. and the state of Israel were both brought into existence as a result of World Wars planned and financed by Zionist international bankers. Based on the facts…Who can deny the fact that these bankers have a controlling interest in everything the U.N. and the Israeli’s do?

It’s a proven fact that the forces of darkness will continue to use whatever method that is most effective in attaining the evil results that are desired. The great envy of Satan compels him to pretend that he is god of the earth, and in a spiritual way terms of control of this present era Satan can be considered an evil god of this earth.

According to Scripture: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”Eph 6:12.

When this spirit that is spoken of in Holy Scripture controls a government it also controls the people comprising the govt. When the adversaries evil spirit controls the government its Satan that is being reverence as the underlining embodiment of the state.

When atheism, Darwinism, the intolerance of religion, mass murder, rampant fear, and the loss of freedom are prominent one can rest assured that Satan will make a home in that type of government. So its communism and the spread of it worldwide that man see’s as the method of conquering the world.
bolsHow could anyone doubt the fact that it’s really Satan who is behind a system of government which has murdered 100 million people?

Innocent people that were not murdered for anything other than their beliefs is what happened to 20 million people who were starved to death, and another estimated 15 million who died in correctional gulag work camps.

Along with the many of millions which were killed for vague political offenses, it seems more attention would be payed to how to stop this type of governmental system from remaining in existence.

The evil system of communism was first spread by the methods utilized in the Bolshevik revolution, and with the planning and financing of the Zionist bankers the Soviet Union came to be known as a super-power.

The political observer can now see the same methods are spreading the communism to other locations. As more nations fall to the evil plague of communism why is it that Americans still use the term big government for what’s clearly the spread of communism?

The “New World Order” all the wicked cult members hope to create is nothing more than a “communist world order”, and the P